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White fir

The Flora

The natural terrain of the park of Aspromonte has a very rugged morphology that, moving from the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria to the Ionian, gives rise to a wide variety of plant species and produces a wide biodiversity, thanks to the particularly favorable climatic conditions. The waterways in the park are full of oleanders and tamarisks and along the rivers you can admire the black poplar, the willow and the black alder. At a low altitude there are typical Mediterranean elements (broom, holm, mirth, strawberry tree) and the magnificent holm oak forests, while climbing up to high altitude you can adminre centuries-old chestnut trees and numerous firs.
Widespread in Aspromonte is the white fir, long-lived tree, sleek and majestic.

Bulb fernIn the areas of Aspromonte characterized by abundant rainfall there are vast forests of beech, while larch pine, present in the Tyrrhenian side, gives rise to the formation of spectacular pine forests, creating very dense woods. This is the foremost characteristic tree of Aspromonte, very tall and with narrow crown. Exclusively on the Ionian side is grow the bergamot, known for the essence that is extracted from its fruits. Up to 800 meters in altitude there are also the oaks, highly precious for their fine wood, and the farnetto (tree of the family of Fagacee), while most widespread is a type of small oak, the roverella.
The tropical fern is a species of great rarity that especially extended in the mild and stable temperatures places, where the lush vegetation and running waters protect it from light.

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