Routes and Paths

Routes and Paths Aspromonte is full of beautiful and picturesque landscapes, of different routes and paths that allow to cross areas where sea and mountains appear so close as to seem one.

The exploration in the heart of the Aspromonte offers the opportunity to walk fascinating journeys, both the most comfortable ones and the longer and adventurous, in perfect symbiosis with nature and extraordinary landscape.

Along the trails you can go through all the Aspromonte and extend your view to the various natural wonders, from waterfalls to narrow valleys, from historic monuments to the many small villages and rocky clusters. Those who love nature can be impressed by the immense forests of trees and rare wildlife as the deer, thanks to the Park of Aspromonte come back to live in our woods.

In addition to nature paths that allow long relaxing walks, for the sports you can reach breathtaking viewpoints by mountain bike or horseback riding or hiking trails that fit very well to the trekking activity, where fans can enjoy their meal in the green nature.

Here is the link to the regulation for the use and management of the network of paths of Aspromonte

Regulation of the paths

Paths of Aspromonte

Paths of Aspromonte
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