HandicraftIn the land of Aspromonte ancient craft traditions are still alive. Many of the local activities and workshops featuring some places and represent a diffusion instrument for disseminating techniques and ancient abilities. For example wood is used in many areas such as the production of musical instruments, including drums and bagpipes, and objects, including agricultural and pastoral objects and the most typical handicrafts too.

HandicraftThe textile crafts, along with the art of embroidery, is widespread throughout the Hellenistic area of Aspromonte, with the production of blankets made of broom ​​of colorful fabric made to the frame, le pezzare, obtained by cutting old clothes. In Gerace are produced pots, watering cans, whistles and cones for gardens by working the ceramic, while handworking the wicker chestnut are produced baskets and containers of various kinds.

Craft Activities

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Bottega Antica Bova
Lavorazione del vetro.

Via IV Novembre – 89033 – Bova
Telefono: 3406090982
Sito web:
Ceramiche Condò
Ceramiche artigianali

Piazza Tribuna n.13 – 89040 – Gerace
Telefono: 3475175906
Sito web:
Cooperativa Aracne
Tessitura artigianale

Via Roma n.36 – 89030 – Gerace
Telefono: 0964356318  |  Fax: 0964355000
La Lucernarte di Campiti Francesco
Artigianato locale.

– 89030 – Gerace

Giovinazzo Domenico
Via Case Popolari – 89017 – San Giorgio Morgeto

La Bottega del vetro
via Rovere n.25 – 89017 – San Giorgio Morgeto
Telefono: 3248751261
Mammoliti Aldo
Lavorazione del castagno, cesteria per confezioni

Via Case Popolari n.53 – 89017 – San Giorgio Morgeto
Telefono: 0966948272  |  Fax: 0966948272
Sito web: